Back-Office Platform

This back-office represents the School Management System as it is allow to manage daily:

– Class grade / level
– Individual specific school timeline
– Class start in the morning
– Class end in the afternoon
– Bus stops in the morning
– Bus stops in the afternoon
– Extra classes (options)
– Extra activity (football, theatre)


In the mean time, as you’re the bus organizer, this back-office allows:

– Flexible bus schedule planning
– Move passengers from one bus to another
– Control on passengers number
– Bus stops coherence and allocation checking


Parents App

A mobile app to keep the parents updated about their child school & bus information:

– To visualize the weekly school timeline day per day
– To be notified when your child is IN the bus
– To be notified when your child is OUT of the bus
– To locate your child bus location through the allocated GPS
– To know the bus position in order to go and pick your child
– To notify to the Bus Manager/Bus Staff last minute change
(eg: my son is sick today, no school and bus for him …..)
(eg: I pick-up my child directly at the school this afternoon …..)


Bus Staff App

A powerful app for your bus staff on the spot daily in the morning and the afternoon:

– to know who is/should be in the bus
– to know the bus route and its stops
– to make the check-in & check-out easily
– to notify the child attendance or not in the bus
– to contact with the Bus Manager
– to contact the Parents
– to change bus stop at last minutes bus stops
– to allocate student(s) at last minutes